Jan Jelinek aka "Gramm" from Berlin is known for his three highly sought after EP-releases as "Farben" on "Klang" (Frankfurt).
"personal rock" is Janīs album-debut.

Right from the start it creates an incredibly deep and warm atmosphere
that is sustained throughout.

This is contemporary electronic music on the leap into the next millenium.
Technical, skillful and at the same time organic and seamless.
Crackles, digital noises, cool harmonies and sublime shuffling grooves,
ever shifting and floating.
Minimal, experimental, streaming a tranquility that grows with every listen.

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source records nr. 990933 / cd / 2xlp
distributed by efa / uk: srd / us: caroline / f, nl, bl: news / aus: inertia

tr01  legends/nugroove (06:20)
tr02  st.moritz (06:32)
tr03  type zwei (07:02)
tr04  non-relations (06:02)
tr05  ment (06:46)
tr06  70gr (06:14)
tr07  type eins (08:12)
tr08  siemens.bioport (04:52)